Day 13-Yosemite

Day 13: Yosemit

Howdy peoples!! SNEEZYS here, coming at ya with a new and exciting daily update. Dun dun dunnnnn!!!! Our group is made up of the most fabulous: Jana Whicker, Megan Gibson, Dina Clemente, Carlee Seybert, Jessica Wallice, Brice Helms (without the whale), Bryce Whitley (with the whale), Heidi Hamilton, Olivia Rogers, Olivia Seighman, Mia Schaefer, Connor Romero, and Dayton Caldwell.

The Sneezy's!!

Today we woke up at 5:30am, and despite some people’s watch alarms throughout the night, we all slept very well in the indoors.  We loaded the bus and left San Francisco and started our very long journey to Yosemite National Park (it’s actually pronounced Yose-might… oh jyes). We stopped at Wally World after a couple hours, and then resumed our drive. For breakfast we had NAME BRAND Pop-Tarts and clementines. Then, our drive slowed down very much due to a massive accident, which left us in standstill traffic for over an hour to only move 1.5 miles. Logan really doesn’t like traffic… at all.

After we escaped the traffic, we had gourmet ham, turkey, and cheese on “Hawaiian Rolls.” Classy.  To accompany our 5-star meal, we were served ritz cheese crackers, nutter butter whafers, and two types of gummies: Barbie and Minions!! Served to us by the Dopey group, this meal was muy fabuloso.

Continuing on our long drive, many, many people slept for a very, very long time. Lots of friendship bracelets have been in the making and many card games have been played. Once we got closer to our destination, the views became stunning. Many people were awed by the landscapes and breathtaking scenery. We were sadly unable to explore the Redwood Forest and hike up a waterfall due to lack of time and the terrible traffic. However, we trekked on! On the way up to our campsite, the people on the bus were jamming to some classics and 2000’s bangers. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stop at inspiration point to take pictures very quickly.  When we finally arrived to our campsite, we did our presention research. Dina C presented Yosemite National Park, David E presented Bridal Veil Falls, Mady H presented the Redwood Forest, and Hylie S presented the Sequoia Trees. After this, we set up camp and then ate dinner. Dinner tonight is chicken noodle and chicken and rice soup. Que delicioso! The mosquitoes started attacking and the cold started rolling in. The allergy levels also started to rise because of all the pollen. Due to the three-yearlings (bears), we had to put our sented belongings into the steel bear box. Finally, we  bundled into our sleeping bags to prepare for a cold night ahead.

 Breathtaking view from Inspiration Point!
 Kendrick and Heather
 The Lads
 Group Shot
 Bridal Veil Falls
 Heidi and Heather 
 Leah and Heather! Heather is quite popular today!
 Jackson, William, Harrison, Cullen, Jessica, Kendrick, and Emma
 Finally at the campground ready for a cold night!

Goodnight people!!!! Xoxo, Sneezys.

Day 12-San Francisco

Day 12: San Francisco

Hey y’all!! Sleepys back with another 10/10 amazing blog. Hold onto your seats and get ready to hear about our awesome day full of adventure and amazing food in San Francisco.

Our day started with an awakening at around 6:30 am to leave for the world renowned Cliff House. We got to meet Chef Kevin Weber who showed us around and treated us to some delicious pop-ups with strawberry and lemon marmalade. After we filled up, we headed to the city to explore.

First, we visited the Fisherman’s Wharf to take a group picture and listened to some amazing research on the Pacific Ocean, Alcatraz, Cannery Row, and more! After a group session, we all split up and headed out to the city for some exploring.

Groups went all over, some went shopping, others eating, and some just exploring the city. Most of TWB made a break for their first In-N-Out experience while others went for some famous street-style clam chowder in a bread bowl at Boudins in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. There were a huge variety of shops with amazing deals (some of us copped some $4 t-shirts lol).

There was so much to do in the city it was hard to decide. Many groups decided to catch a trolley to Ashbury or to see the famous Painted Ladies and Full House house! After some exploring on our own we met up in Chinatown to feast family-style on Grant’s dime at Far East Café. We got to explore some more after dinner before meeting up at 6 for the big bridge, so some kiddos headed to Ghirardelli to treat their sweet tooth with some famous $12 hot fudge sundaes. Yummy.

 Finally the big moment arrived as we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge as a family.  The world famous bridge took of breaths away, the view was amazing. From the bridge you could see the all of San Francisco and Alcatraz. Many of us strolled across the bridge singing to the top of our lungs, stopping to take pictures and just taking in the sheer beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. After out 2 mile trek we stopped to take more pictures with the bridge in the background. Luckily our rides were waiting for us on the other side so we didn’t have to walk back across.

After a long and exciting day we headed back to Lake Side Presbyterian Church for another night on the outskirts of San Francisco. Thanks to our 3 minute showers we will have an early night so we will be ready for an early morning drove to Yosemite National Park.

 On the Pier 39 in San Fran 

  Sophie presenting Pacific Ocean

 "The Rock" aka Alcatraz 

 View of the city from Pier 39

 Alyssa and Nick presenting San Francisco

Lauren and Morgan presenting The Cliff House

Emily presenting the Fisherman's Wharf

Gabe presenting Lombard St

 Gracie presenting Chinatown

 Olivia presenting the Golden Gate Bridge

 Dopey Group

 Happy Group

 Grumpy Group

 Sleepy Group

 Sneezy Group

 Bashful Group

 Golden Gate Bridge

 The Majestic Chinatoen

 Friends enjoying Chinese food at the Far East Cafe, a TWB tradition

 Egg Rolls!

 Good Food, Great Friends

 Chop Sticks


 Dining Out

   How was the food?

 The Far East Cafe

 The Counselors

 Yay, ice cream at the Baked Bear!!

 Dina and Carson wearing the new earrings they got today in San Fran!

 Anya posing in front of the bridge

TWB Family

 Heel clicks all around
 Excited about the sights

 Tyler and Zy'lice posing with counselor Whitney

 Best Friends

 800,000 tons of fun

 Caroline, Abigail and Mady

 The City
 Our lovely counselors
 Great pals

 Caroline, Anya, Gracie, Audrey, and Sophie posing after the walk

Group Pic!!

Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran


Lombard Street- one of the curviest in the world 

On to Yosemite tomorrow, goodnight to all!