After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections!

“An amazing adventure” –Gabe Jeffers

“Take chances and make as many friends as possible” –Connor Romero

“Truly the trip of a lifetime, I wish I could do it every year” –Jackson Lamb

“TWB opened me up to having more fun and opened up to meeting new friends as well as having a more positive outlook on life” –David Efird

“TWB is an experience to remember for the rest of one’s life” –Henry Taylor

“TWB is awesome and helps to make new friends and see incredible places” –Christopher Nelli

“TWB is the best thing I have done for myself, and I have made friends that I am never going to forget” –Kendrick Boehlke

“TWB is the best 23 days of your life” –Caitlyn Harrelson

“TWB helps you grow as a person, meet 80 new friends and explore our amazing country in 23 days” –Anne Scott Baker

“TWB is hands down the best experience anyone could ever have and I am so blessed to have toured America with 80 people that I now call my family” –Mary Smallwood

“I didn’t realize how many friends I would make” –Sam Kaylor

“TWB is truly a blessing that allows you to gain another family and a new outlook on life” –Bailey Heins

“This trip is one of the most risky and daring yet exciting things I have ever done” –Savannah Wise

“This is the trip of a lifetime and I will cherish it forever” –Carlee Seybert

“TWB is an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world because it has opened my eyes to the beautiful country that we live in. Go USA!” –Dina Clemente

“This trip helped me realize that I am capable of doing more than I ever thought” –Lauren Gold

“I started out doubting it all, but this ended up being the best 23 days of my life” –Caroline Williamson

“I wouldn’t change anything on this trip for the world” –Anna Wiltshire

“Words can’t adequately describe the experience of TWB, it smacks you in the face, gives you a reality check, and leaves you in a transformed state” Abbey Saxton

“TWB completely changes your life and you make so many lifelong friendships” –Erin McConell

“Words cannot describe the TWB experience, it is completely life changing and something I will never forget” –Emily Melton

“Make the most of everything, it’ll fly by.” –Addi Merritt

“Best experience of your life that you will never forget” –Claire Smith

“Literally the best 23 days of your life. You make genuine relationships” –Karina Black

“TWB has been the experience of a lifetime” –Zy’lice Land

“In 23 days I met 82 new best friends, and made infinite memories that will last a lifetime. TWB helped me find myself” –Gracie Russell

“TWB helps you to form genuine relationships while getting to see our beautiful country” –Meredith Wallace

“This is the best experience of my life, I wouldn’t change a thing” –Jessica Wallace

 "TWB was the best 23 days of my life- I get to share so many fun experiences with my new best friends” –Sharidan Farris

“There are no words describing the friends and memories you gain on these 23 short days” –Hiley Smith

“I have made endless memories and have made lifelong friends” –Abigail Gibson

“TWB is hands down the best thing I have ever done. It’s taught me many things, I have been able to see more of our beautiful country, meet so many new friends , feel closer to God and closer to nature.” –Caroline Hegwer

“I wouldn’t give up the opportunity to go on TWB for the world, also thank you to my wonderful Trip 2 counselors and staff” –Carson Bennett

“I loved TWB, I really got to let go of my past and open up and make great friends. I loved to see the groups that were starting to form break up after the special moment on highway 1 and the moment made me love the counselors even more. TWB has allowed me to be myself and taught me to really care for people, work as a team and help others. This program is amazing, would do it twice in a heartbeat, just wish we could tour the colleges we went to. Thanks for allowing me to come on this trip of a lifetime.” –Connor Cook

“The TWB experience has many ways of changing a person, but you can only know those changes if you experience them yourself” –Ashleigh McLay

“I learned so much about myself, and grew as a friend, teammate and a leader” –Leah Smith

“TWB is a once in a lifetime experience that lets you meet new people and learn new skills” –Reilly Gallagher

“At first the trip goes by so slow, but after day 6, the trip goes by so fast” –Katie Willis

“This trip was very unique experience that allowed me to see my country and meet amazing people” –Emily Floyd

“Indescribable in the best way” –Reagan Osborne

“23 days of new experiences, lifelong friends and learned independence” –Morgan Ketchie

“This trip really does change you for the better. You will gain confidence and real friendships” –Olivia Seighman

“Be yourself and don’t care about being judged for being you” –Mady Thomas
“This memorable trip brought new friendships, many laughs, and overall amazing and unforgettable experience” –Abigail Griffith

“You think your greatest adventure will be all the states you visit, but it ends up being all the friends you make” –Emma Pickard

“TWB really is the experience of a lifetime” –Morgan Peace

‘Discovering our beautiful country while forming lasting lifelong relationships is truly one of a kind…I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world” –Ashlyn Moore

“TWB has shown me that it doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you’re with your friends” –Nicholas Murphy

“I didn’t really think this trip would be worth it or that it would be people said it would be but I was so so wrong” –Hayden Meadows

“Sensational” –Cullen Hensley

“TWB is one of those few special memories that you will have for the rest of your life” –Dayton Caldwell

“It was a life changing trip that everyone should experience” –Alyssa Brown

“Something I’ll remember for the rest of my life” – Tyler Marr

“I have become so close with such amazing people and I can’t think Grant enough for this experience” –Heidi Hamilton

“I loved all the staff members they were amazing.” –Alexis Willet

“I have found myself and embraced who I am” –Olivia Rogers

“I didn’t think I would make friends like I did, and recommend everyone will to just believe it will be okay” –William Tumlin

“TWB is the longest and shortest 23 days of my life, but I’ve loved every second of it” –Emma White

“TWB brought me out of my comfort zone in the best way and gave me 80 new best friends.” –Haven Ballard

“Truly unique experience. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Excellent staff.” – Harrison Pumphrey

“It’s  an experience I think everyone should have. I will miss my big family.” –Audrey Frye

“This trip was the best decision I’ve made in my life so far; I’ve made so many friendships that will last for longer than 23 days.” Abby Goldstein

“Such an amazing experience being able to travel out west and see the beauty of the country” – Meredith Bowman

“I’ve learned to appreciate Walmart, Apple stores, dad jokes, pb&j and the USA a whole lot more.” – Madilyn Hampton

“Best 23 days of my life.” – Carter Pratt

“Learn to be so in love with life that you feel like you could explode with happiness.” –Clarise Leitch

“TWB is an incredible experience you’ll never forget, remember to be open minded and to have a good time!”

“Life changing and worth the challenges” –Gracie Seiler

“The most unforgettable experience of my life” – Mia Schaefer

“I will never forget all the crazy adventures and amazing friends TWB has given me” – Jana Whicker

“Some people grow up never seeing the US and we get to experience it while we are 16 or 17 or 18 and young which is just unimaginable” –Sophie Jurs

“I’ve enjoyed every second of it; meeting new people, seeing all new things, and sleeping outside was no where near as bad as I thought it would be” –Brice Helms

“The places you visit do not compare to the people you meet” –Payton Gillespie

“You don’t understand the full experience unless you’re traveling with them” –Bryce Whitley

“It’s truly a unique experience being able to travel out west with 82 other people” – Meredith Bowman

 Thanks for a great summer, TWB!! WE LOVE YOU! Cawwwww :) 

"Today is my moment and now is my story....I'll laugh, and I'll cry, and I'll sing!"

Day 23- Return

Day 23- Return 

The day that everyone has been dreading is finally here. Today is the day when we load the bus and head back to North Carolina. It’s crazy to think that this is the last blog. I think we can all agree that this has been the longest and shortest 23 days of our lives. This morning we woke up around 6:00 by Grant playing music. We gathered our things and began to pack the vehicles for the last time. We enjoyed mini doughnuts and bananas for breakfast as we journeyed our way back home. After making a few stops along the way (our last Walmart stop in Knoxville, TN) we finally made it back into North Carolina. Lunch consisted of a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served with animal crackers and pudding. Last clean up of vehicles are being done as we type and it’s all starting to sink in. 
  We are excited to spend these last few hours together, yet sad that we are passing by many familiar locations in NC; we are getting close to the end. Despite the amount of time we have left, the bonds in this family will last a lifetime, and we will never truly be apart. We love Teens Westward Bound and everything that this trip has given us. Thank you to everybody who has made it possible for us to travel this summer, especially the Deaton family.


The Grumpy Group

Happy Birthday Carlee!!


Update: Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog. I had a blast this summer as my second time being a counselor and I could not have asked for a better group! Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me this summer. To my participants, I love you!! Keep in touch, this blog will always be here for you to remember your TWB memories.
- Counselor Heather <3