Staff Weekend


Over Memorial Day weekend, we gathered at the Deaton house to talk all things TWB. We had a packed house for sure as we are taking 4 trips this summer!! This weekend, we practiced pitching tents, covered ALL important details of the trip, and even shared TWB stories from past years. We are SO excited to be traveling out west with you all this summer, we can hardly wait! For now, here are some highlights from this weekend as we plan for the big trip out west!

Big D had everyone over to his house for TWB Staff Weekend...awesome food and even better people!

 Your Counselors going through applications & pictures learning all about the wonderful participants!

                         Going over procedural things and preparing for the trip

V is ready for this summer, we can't wait for you to meet Ms. Beautiful! 

Learning how to pitch a tent isn't as easy as it seems..took us a few times but we are prepared to teach YOU how to do it incase it ever rains this summer:

Your counselors: Vickie, Logan, Kendall, Heather, Whitney, Grant

The entire group: Trip 1-4

Staff weekend was a great success and your Trip 2 counselors can't wait to see you June 18 at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church for sendoff!