Day 5- Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Day 5: Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Hi family and friends! Internet is not good here in the Grand Canyon. We will post as soon as we can! We are safely out of the canyon and having a great day! Tomorrow we head to Vegas :) 

Day 4- Carlsbad Caverns

Day 4: Carlsbad Caverns

Hey America! We are the Dopeys, your new bloggers! Our names are: Jackson Lamb, Mary Smallwood, Lauren Gold, Sharidan Farris, Alexis Willett, Meredith Bowman, Connor Cook, Hallie Holt, Sam Kaylor, Carter Pratt, Leah Smith, Mary Speaks, Gracie Sciler, and George The Whale.

Today we woke up at THE CRACK OF DAWN aka 5:00…woah bro! Our breakfast this morning was our first served by the Grumpy’s, consisted of muffins and bananas. While we were traveling, we adventured into no mans land where there is nothing but bushes and oil rigs! The sights we saw while traveling were nothing like those of the Carolinas. We traveled across Texas and New Mexico to the Carlsbad Caverns where we smelled lots of bat poop and walked 3 miles under a very HUGE rock! People enjoyed shopping at the gift shop, where lots of stickers and post cards were purchased.

But before the Caverns, the Grumpys served us a traveling lunch of pizza wraps, yum!!! On Carolina Girl, pizza sauce exploded due to the bad road conditions in New Mexico. Meanwhile on the bus, tortillas were forgotten and we had to make a special stop just to get them.

After our daily trip to Wally World, we finally arrived at the New Mexico Military Institute, located in Roswell, New Mexico. This city is known for their weird obsession with aliens and UFO’s. Even the street lights looked like alien heads!!! We were greeted by the school representative, Lt Cl Jeff Cunningham, who informed us about campus life, education, and the cadet high school program.

Tonight we will enjoy tacos on this pretty campus while celebrating KARINA’S 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! As we camp out under the stars tonight, we hope to catch a glimpse of the famous Roswell UFO’s! See you tomorrow!! Xoxo, Dopey’s

Our first stop at the "Wagon Wheel Rest Stop" 
Soaking in the AMAZING view at Carlsbad Caverns while trying to avoid the cars! :)

All the bois 

Park Ranger providing us some information

First group in, ... last group out

Starting our expedition into the caverns

Olivia, Hiley and Luke posing in the caverns

Counselors Logan and Heather buying food for the GRAND CANYON HIKE!

Our sleeping grounds for the night!

Fam goals.

Lt.Cl Jeff Cunningham speaking to the group at New Mexico Military Institute

Your sexy bloggers for the next three days.

Setting up teams for ultimate frisbee

On our campsite for the evening

All smiles from Audrey and Gracie

Our cooks prepping for dinner

Grumpy's making our yummy dinner!

Fighting through the bug bites!

Abby and Maddie posing on their beds for the night!

Sam and Carter setting up camp!

Gorgeous sunset at New Mexico Military Institute 

Just chillin' in "ceder rapids" ~ Hillary Clinton

Our delicious, yummy, scrumptious, great, wonderful tacos for dinner.  

Day 3- San Antonio

Day 3: San Antonio

A 4:45am wake up call was the best thing to start day 3 of our trip. You could hear a pin drop on the bus (excluding the snoring) due to the amount of people sleeping. We stopped at our favorite spot, The Flying J, and took our first bathroom stop of many. After our pit stop, we were given a five-star, gourmet breakfast of off brand cereal by the cooks; and then continued to sleep for the remaining ten hours of the bus drive to Texas. We had our classic ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch and headed to The Alamo in San Antonio for a tour.

While we were at the Alamo we heard research from Anya Y, Haven and Claire on all of the cool sites. After taking a group pic outside, we went inside to admire how the place had been preserved throughout the years, then we explored the garden out back and the gift shop.

We then headed to our next location, The River Walk, where we were given free time to explore and shop. A few of us even decided to have a nice dinner at Rita’s (a Mexican restaurant along the river), which was good planning considering the slightly inedible dinner of chicken caesar wraps created by the cooks. After a couple hours in San Antonio, we hopped on the bus and vans for a two-hour ride to Schreiner University, where people are currently tackling communal showers… yikes!!!

Tonight we took a break from group competitions, so the counselors could continue telling us about the Canyon hike and the cooks could make a stop at Wal-Mart to get all of our food for tomorrow. 

Our first pit stop of the day!

Brice enjoying his gourmet sandwich for lunch!! 

A quick picture of some beautiful ladies in front of "The Alamo"

Anya sharing her information about San Antonio with the crew!

Claire giving us some info on "The Alamo"! 
Haven sharing her quite interesting facts about the Riverwalk!!

A group picture in front of "The Alamo"!

The counselors stopped to take a picture in front of "The Alamo" as well!

Our lovely view on the way to the Riverwalk!

Some of the participants stopped to take another quick pic in front of the luxurious waterfall!

One of the coolest pictures of the group so far by the Riverwalk!

Finally at our resting place for the night, Schreiner University!!!!

Happy Birthday to Madelyn!!  We all sang her a birthday song and the counselors pitched in to get her a little something from Texas to remember her 16th birthday on TWB! 

It was a long day of traveling, but it was oh-so worth it! The journey continues tomorrow...this is the Bashfuls signing out, tomorrow we will have new bloggers! As always, thanks for reading! Hello to everyone back home :)