Day 20- Kansas

Day 20- The Kansas Drive

Good morning to everyone back home! We are the Grumpy group aka last rotation bloggers: Emma White, Caitlyn Harrelson, Anne Scott Baker, Reagan Osborne, Reilly Gallagher, Abigail Griffith, Claire Smith, Erin McConnell, Addi Merritt, Christopher Nelli, Kayden Hunt.

We were woken up this morning at 6:00 by a very bright light in the AUX gym of Colorado College. As usual we packed our things and got ready for the long day of driving ahead of us, for today was the infamous Kansas drive. We loaded the bus and the vans and went on our way! Those lucky enough to be on the bus were able to distract themselves from the beautiful Kansas fields with entertainment such as Shrek the movie and a viewing of the World Cup, as well as the typical pass times of sleeping, bracelet making, and conversing. Shortly after crossing the Kansas state line this morning, our watches jumped forward an hour which means we’re just one step closer to being home! At around 3:00 this afternoon, our peaceful drive was paused due to the amazing opportunity to see a real live Kansas oil rig! While we were there, Reagan Osborne and Kayden Hunt presented their research on the exciting state of Kansas and the intriguing history of oil rigs! Who would’ve known it used to be illegal to serve ice cream on cherry pie? Well now your favorite TWB group does! So we climbed back on to our chariots and embarked on the journey to Kansas State University. 

When we arrived we quickly gathered around the K-state sign and took a beautiful group photo! Abigail Gibson and Caroline Williamson presented their information on Kansas State and Kansas University. After their presentations, each of our groups got to take our final group photo with our amazing counselors. Then back on the vehicles we went! We were greeted at our campsite at Tuttle Creek State Park by many bugs and a lot of humidity, something that truly reminds us of home. After a group meeting we all parted ways, some of us took advantage of the beautiful lake right behind our campsite while others had to complete their jobs. The cooks began to make our gourmet dinner that consisted of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, salad and yummy cupcakes for dessert. After dinner some began to call home while others attended the TWB lost and found auction! Following that, the campsite began to wind down as some chose to shower while others began to make their sleeping arrangements. That’s all for today from the Grumpy’s! We’ll be back tomorrow with our St. Louis review!