Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center

Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center 

            Last day with the best group eva, the Happies! Sorry parents. :,(  We woke up warm and dry at 5:30 am from our amazing indoor slumber. After leaving the Custer YMCA in South Dakota, we all caught a little bit more sleep on the bus as we drove through Wyoming once again. After a warming wakeup from Vickie, we were all served a wide variety of muffins for breakfast. A few card games and Flying J stops later, we were served a delicious lunch of ham and real cheese on bread rolls with chips.
Then, a few hours later, we arrived at the Air Force Academy in Colorado! We were greeted by one of Kendall’s senior cadet friends who gave us a quick tour of the facility and let the ladies give him a kiss on the cheek (#gottakissthatcadet). Afterwards, we walked into the breathtaking Air Force Chapel and watched a quick film on what life is like as an Air Force cadet. Though we all admired the perseverance and the strength it takes to be a cadet, only a few of us thought we could ever be up to the task.
After leaving the academy, we headed on towards the Olympic Training Center and were astounded once again by the strength of individuals who represent our country. We all watched a short film on what life is like at the training center, and then headed immediately out on our tours. The tour guide for the Happies was full of information and humor as he guided as around the training center. We sure learned a lot about the tough lives of the athletes that train and live there. After the tour, all 80 something of us somehow crammed into the gift shop to look at (overpriced) tees and other memorabilia. 
Once again we were on the road: this time to settle down at Colorado College. We had a mission at hand: organizing a dance routine for a competition. The grass outside of the college got to experience relentless rounds of our dances to make them perfect. We worked through blood, sweat, and tears. The game was on when we were ordered inside the gym. Group names were drawn from a hat, and the anticipation grew. Each group went one by one, astounding the crowd with goofiness and impressive stunts. Our group surprised ourselves with the outcome of our dance, with us launching William Tumlin into the air while the others danced around. To conclude, the counselors dealt us one surprising blow: they had created a dance routine of their own. Everyone was struggling to breathe as Whitney, Kendall, Heather, Logan, Henry, and Vickie busted out their best moves and booty shakes on their participants. Unfortunately, the Happies weren’t victorious in the dance competition and the Dopies and Grumpies were instead crowned champions, they were truly amazing to be fair. To close out the night, we headed to nice warm showers and settled down. Sweet dreams from the Happies!

Beautiful sunrise in Custer this morning!

Viewing the gorgeous Air Force Chapel!

Barracks at the Air Force Academy.

F-15 Eagle fighter jet 

Karina did an AMAZING presentation on the Olympic Training Center!

Kissing the Cadet!!

Morgan K. and Emma W.

Alexis and Olivia R.

Carly and Carson

Anna Grace and Abigail Griffith

Ashlyn and Dina

Emily F. and Zy'lice

Ashleigh and Lauren

Sharidan and Sophie

Caroline W. and Kendrick

Gracie and Audrey

Anya and Haven

Meredith and Jessica

Abby and Heidi

Mady and Emma P.

Leah and Caroline H.

Abigail Gibbons and Megan

Alyssa and Reagan

Bailey and Caitlin

Anne Scott and Payton

Abby and Karina

Mary C. and Madeline

Jana and Addi

Katie and Claire

Erin and Emily

Some cadets in training!

Kayden and Morgan

Inside the chapel.

Group pic at the Air Force Academy!

Haven, Gracie, and Reagan reaching new heights with the Air Force!

Starting our tour at the Olympic Training Center.

Part of the Olympic Training Center's campus.

Going inside the Shooting Center.

The boxing training room called for a group pic!

Some summer camp participants practicing in the wrestling room.

One of the Olympic Training Center's massive pools.

Meeting a Paraolympian and her dog!

Future bobsledders (Morgan K, Madeline, Caroline W., Emma P., and Abigail Griffith) in the house! Well, maybe.

PIZZA FOR DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it disappeared fast)

Warm welcome to Colorado College!
The Sleepies sure did not sleep on us with their dance!
All smiles when dancing with the Happies!
The Sneezies danced their hearts out!
Our staff truly killed it with their moves!
Henry: part time driver, part time dancer!
Volleyball isn't the only thing Heather dominates at!
The true dancing queen: the one and only V!
Our staff isn't just outstanding at taking care of us...they bring it on the dance floor too!

The Bashful group surely wasn't bashful with their dancing!
Grumpies also tied for first with a stellar performance!

Dopey group stole the show and tied for first!