Day 15-SLC & Bear Lake

Day 15: Salt Lake City and Bear Lake

Hello again world! It’s the Sneezy’s coming at you once again live from Bear Lake, Utah. We woke up this morning and ate bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter with bananas while loading and cleaning our new bus! We drove for a little bit before arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our first stop was to visit the Mormons in Temple Square. Each group got two Mormon tour guides who were serving on their missionary. They took us to the Tabernacle, Temple, and church. It was very interesting to observe such a religion. At the end of our tours, we were all offered our own Book of Mormon!

After the tours, we were set free into the mall, where most of us migrated to the Chik-Fil-A that we have been oh so deprived of)! Many people also swung by the Apple store to contact our loved ones. After much shopping, we loaded the bus and vans to make our way to Bear Lake. The Carolina Girl van had to make a quick pit stop to repair the fender on the trailer before meeting the rest of us at Wally World. Many people purchased a lot of USA wear for the 4th of July! We look very snazzy now. Just saying.

Yay Chick fil a!!!

Once we arrived at Bear Lake, we had a group meeting and then did our research. Kendall gave us a brief overview of the state of Utah, Dayton presented Salt Lake City, Hallie presented The Great Salt Lake, and Katie presented the Mormons.

After research, we changed into our swim suits to begin our challenge of the night! We each chose a parter to from our team to start our water balloon toss. Group by group, each team took turns tossing their balloons until we had our representatives/finalists from each team compete. After a hard fight, the Grumpy’s took the win! After the competition, we all took a quick dip in the (very cold) lake before dinner. There was a lot of splashing and surprisingly…  bathing. Our very own Kendall decided to 2-in-1 bathe while taking his dip (he was wearing a suit).

The birthday girl, Leah 

Emma and Chris won!

For dinner, we feasted on BLT sandwiches with mashed potatoes and fruit salad on the side. We also had lemonade! During dinner, Kendall performed a little karaoke for us to his favorite song, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

After dinner, we were all very very excited to open our mail!! Many cried and many laughed; thank you all for our gifts!!

Tomorrow, we head for Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and a late drive to Cody Wyoming!

See you tomorrow all you beauties!!!!!