Day 16- Jackson Hole, Teatons, Yellowstone

Day 16: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Grand Tetons; Yellowstone! 

Howdy people, for the last time, from your favorite group… the Sneezys! Today we hit the ground running bright and early, starting our day off at 4:55am, waking up to the freezing cold Utah morning weather. Many of us were awake for the beautiful sunrise in Utah and Idaho (that we drove through for 9 minutes, so it still counts). This morning we enjoyed some name brand yogurt along with off brand granola.  Then we continued to make our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we proceeded to take our group picture under the famous arch of antlers and do our research. Mary presented Wyoming, Clarise presented Jackson Hole, and Henry presented the Grand Tetons.
Group photo in Jackson Hole! 
Mary presenting her research.

Clarise presenting her research.

Henry presenting his research.

Downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Once we were done with our research, everyone headed to “Shirt Off My Back” to buy their shirts and stickers.  We then separated into smaller groups and took on the city of Jackson.  Since we were able to buy our own lunch, many chose to try bison burgers (they were very good).  With the rest of our spare time, some went to the Jackson Hole thrift store.   

We loaded the buses and headed towards our third special moment at the Chapel of Transfiguration in the Grand Tetons. After finishing up we all loaded the bus and rushed to Yellowstone to see  Old Faithful erupt. After watching the geyser erupt, we had some free time in the Yellowstone Lodge where we enjoyed some shopping time in the gift shop and some great refreshing ice cream.
Great view of the Grand Tetons!

The new bus taking in the view.

The Chapel of Transfiguration.

Special moment number three!

The boys!

The girls!

The greatest staff ever!!!

Laurinburg Squad!

The Happys!

The Bashfuls!

The Dopeys! 
Great view of Old Faithful!

Group picture at the geyser.

After our free time we all headed towards some hot springs and other geysers. Before touring the hot springs we were presented with some research; Bryce with Yellowstone National Park, William with Old Faithful, and Jana with Geysers in Yellowstone. Once we were given a tour of the hot springs and geysers by the fantastic Park Ranger Kendall, we headed to the little Grand Canyon in Yellowstone viewing an awe inspiring waterfall. After this quick pit stop we loaded the bus and vans to head to where we are staying the night in Cody, Wyoming. We were quickly served our delicious dinner which consisted of peanut butter tortilla wraps, pretzels, and apple sauce. Arriving to our campsite at around 11:00, we felt the need to get to bed as soon as possible so we can be well energized for our exciting Fourth of July plans.
Bryce presenting his research.

William presenting his research.

Jana presenting her research. 

Park Ranger Kendall is ready to tell us about rocks!

Wow what a great looking hot tub!

Group picture at the hot springs.


Beautiful view of the mini Grand Canyon. 

Group picture at the mini Grand Canyon.

Start to a late night drive!

Thanks for reading! We miss you all and we can’t wait to see you in a week!!
Goodnight! Xoxo, Sneezy’s