Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22- Kentucky

Hey, it’s the Grumpys again! Today we woke up around 6:00 this morning, then hopped on the vehicles and started to make our way into Kentucky. The vans had a peaceful morning and a late breakfast, while the bus was quite different. Sides were formed, hostages were taken, and a treaty was signed. Ms. V decided to not let the bus participants sleep, because they were awake all night and kept the counselors up!! Some people thought V's acting and singing on the microphone was funny, others just wanted some rest.

The day continued on as usual. TWB rolled into Churchill Downs around 10:50 this morning. Research was brought to us by Ashleigh McCoy, Zy’lice Land, and Mia Schaefer. The group was met by a tour guide, who showed us the amazing track. After our tour, we gathered in a room to watch a panoramic video explaining the history of the derby. Following the video, we had free time to explore the Kentucky Derby museum and gift shop. After getting back onto the vehicles, we enjoyed a wonderful turkey wrap for lunch as we discussed our next competition with our groups. This particular competition focuses on combining all the funny memories we made on the trip as a family. 

Dinner was a pleasant surprise as we arrived at the original KFC in Kentucky. The southern food reminded us even more of home. The competition was fierce and filled with lots of laughs. The Bashfuls took first place in tonight’s competition, with their creative act of TWB Family Feud!! We set up camp with home in our hearts and we can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. 

Statue of Barbaro 

Touring Churchill Downs

Horse at Churchill! 

Exploring in the museum 

Run of the Roses

The original KFC in Kentucky

Paddock Gate at Churchill Downs

Ashleigh McCoy 

Mia Schaefer

TWB group picture outside Churchill Downs 

entering the doors of Churchill Downs 

group of the girls smiling for a quick picture during the tour 

1875 and 1876 Kentucky Derby winners 

listening as our tour guide informs the group of some Churchill Downs racing history 

first hand look at the racetrack  

And now for our TWB 2018 Trip 2 Group of the Year
***Drum roll please ***


            Regardless of who won the overall title, every group did a fantastic job throughout the trip and we are grateful for everybody’s hard work and creativity. Goodnight to all! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!