Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21- St. Louis 

Hello again from the Grumpys! Today we left our Kansas campsite at 7:00 am and started on our way to St. Louis, Missouri. Although the scenery was not very different from yesterday, we were able to see the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals Stadiums while on our way to our destination.

 While traveling this morning we ate a delicious breakfast that consisted of muffins of many flavors and apples (of one flavor). As usual we fell into the same routine of sleeping, talking and finding odd ways to pass the time. After many hours of driving we arrived in St. Louis at around 3:00 pm! We were greeted by the magnificent Archway to the West and immediately began taking pictures and discussing who was going to squeeze together in the egg shaped trams. After an hour of waiting through lines, we were informed of the history of the Archway and finally got to make the 4 minute trip up to the top. As we looked through the skinny windows while 630 feet up, we were impressed by the city’s skyline and the breathtaking views of the Mississippi River! While making their trips back down to the bottom, a few members of our TWB family actually got stuck in the very, very cramped trams for about 3 to 4 minutes. Luckily, the mechanics quickly fixed the error and we all made it back to the lobby safely! 

A quick trip to the gift shop and few pieces of fudge later, we made our way outside. We got the honor of continuing the tradition, after a 3 year pause due to construction,  of spelling out the year of our trip with our bodies! While waiting for the vans and bus to arrive, we were allowed to indulge in ice cream and freshly squeezed lemonade while taking more pictures in front of the Arch. Then we hopped back on to the bus and made our way into Illinois to camp for the night. Once again we were greeted by even more bugs and more humidity than yesterday. Shortly after we all unloaded from the bus, we competed in our second to last competition of the trip. We were instructed to pop balloons with the members of our group without using our hands! Which ever group popped 13 balloons the fastest, wins. With a very impressive win by the Happy group; we the Grumpy group came in a very comical last place. Right now as we write this blog, our friends are readying  the campsite and the cooks are preparing a much anticipated dinner of pancakes, fruit salad, eggs and bacon! Tonight we celebrated Kayden's 16 birthday!!! Happy Birthday Kayden :)

We are all very excited to continue on our way back east and visit Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow! Signing out with much love,
    The Grumpy group

Home of the KC Chiefs and the Royals

Inside of the Arch Museum/display before you go up inside of it!

The doors to the little trams that take you up the Arch are tiny! 

Ready to go up!

Views from the top of the Arch...Mississippi River

Views from the top of the Arch: St. Louis 

Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals 

Of course we had to spell out 2018!!

Yet another group picture 

Arrived at camp tonight, Carlyle Lake State Park

Balloon Popping Contest!!!

Doing our jobs of unpacking the bus

Maddy is a pro now 

The cooks making breakfast for dinner!

Playing games before dinner