Day 1- Sendoff & LaGrange

Day 1: LaGrange College

Hello America, we are the Bashful group and we will be writing the blog for the next 3 days. In the group we have: Hayden M, Karina B, Emily M, Ashlyn M, Alyssa B, Harrison P, Gracie R, Katie W, Anya Y, Carson B, Morgan K, Meredith W, and Zy’Lice L.

At the beginning of the day, we departed from Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church and said goodbye to our phones and families. We started our time on the bus/van with a little awkwardness, but quickly began to bond and get to know each other. The staff members gave the participants the rundown on all the important details about the trip (and a few jokes too).  We all got to enjoy our first traveling meal together as a family.  We enjoyed some lovely gourmet ham and cheese sandwiches with chips, cookies, and water.  For some strange reason, the cheese in the sandwiches were still wrapped. (That trick got a few victims!)

Following the orientation, the vans played card games while the bus did a speed-dating activity to help break the ice. After about an hour of travel, the crew stopped at the South Carolina rest stop. The guys got in and out of the bathroom quickly, while the girls had to stand in an enormous line (there are barely any guys on the trip… send help).  After the rest stop, everyone was loaded back onto the buses and vans, and headed down to Georgia. (No fiddle playing Devil’s were found.)  While watching Atlanta fly by through the windows, participants eagerly waited to arrive at LaGrange college.

 After a few more hours driving, some of the crew continued playing games, others talked, and a few fell asleep.  Shortly after conversations and naps were taken, our first stop at Wally-World was a go.  The Happy group got some food for later that night, while other participants went to get watches and snacks!

Back on the road, it was only a short way to go until we would finally arrive at LaGrange College.  Once we arrived, everyone loaded off of the bus and sat in front of a pavilion to listen to Grant tell more cheesy jokes.  After Grant, thankfully finished telling more of his “jokes”, we listened to some great presentations from Morgan and Connor about the state of Georgia and the lovely LaGrange College.  After they finished up with some awesome presentations, the Vice President of Admissions at LaGrange College spoke to everyone.  He told us all about LaGrange’s campus and their academic opportunities for students all around the world. 

For dinner tonight, the cooks (aka the Happy Group) made Cheeseburgers, and had chips, watermelon, cookies and lemonade to drink. After dinner we had relay races; teams were divided by our dwarf groups. We also picked a representative from each group to practice setting tents incase it ever rains on TWB.

Right after our delicious dinner, some campers spread out and chatted before we had some friendly competitions.  Each group got together and competed with one another in some intense relay races.  The Happy Group won (but they won’t be winning for long!)  Right after, we had a speed race to see who was the fastest girl and the fastest boy on Trip 2. Emma White won for the girls and the birthday boy, Jackson Lamb, won for the boys.  We ended off our wonderful first day with a group sing-a-long!  The sky was almost as beautiful as Vickie!!! Tomorrow we travel to New Orleans, and we are so excited!!

Participants and Ms V!!

Past Participants from TWB 2017 coming to the sendoff! Counselor Heather was so excited to see her first group she took out west, last summer!

Your counselors Whitney and Heather are so excited for TWB

Connor doing the Oreo Challenge 

The Happy Group, aka the cooks getting burgers at Wal-mart for our first meal at LaGrange 

Getting gas for Georgia

We all had some nice plastic included in the sandwiches


Last stop before LaGrange

Connor R. presenting his research on Alabama.

Morgan P. presenting her research on LaGrange College.

The Vice President of LaGrange telling us about the school!

The Sleepy group stretching for the intense relay races

Jackson getting a birthday surprise

The Bashful group taking a little picture break from blogging

The happy group cooking us a yummy dinner!

Representatives from each group learning how to pitch a tent in case it ever rains!

William had his first BURGER EVER!!!

The dishwashing crew!

Ready to take on the relay competitions!

Our fastest girl and guy from TWB Trip 2! Emma W. and Jackson L.

Isabella A. and Connor R. show us their moves along to Brown Eyed Girl.